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DB Schenker updates full multi-modal carbon footprint control [Environment]

DB Schenker Logistics has further updated its systems to enable a full multi-modal carbon footprint based on single door-to-door shipments in compliance with the EN 16258. There is a special emphasis on the evaluation of the exactitude of individual parameters (according to categories set out in the standard).

Especially air transports are analyzed now flight-number based regarding operating aircrafts and routing. The fuel consumption of the aircrafts is based on the Eurocontrol Small Emitters’ Tool. This tool is the fuel consumption and carbon dioxide estimation tool which the European Commission has approved via the Commission Regulation (EU) No. 606/2010. It meets the requirements of the guidelines established by Decision 2007/589/EC in respect of the approach based on individual flights and aircraft type used (as per ICAO doc 8643), actual route length and statistically sound fuel consumption relations. In line with this, on behalf of DB Schenker, Swiss-based research institute INFRAS modelled 200 types of aircrafts based on the actual fuel consumption of the most popular 71 aircrafts, using the best data available.

“As long as there are no consistent data from the airlines based on original fuel consumption and compliant with the EN 16258’s provided methodology, these are currently the globally best available data,” says DB Schenker’s carbon accounting expert Andrea Dorothea Schoen. “We recommend to all air data dependent stakeholders to use such database, also available now in EcotransIT World business solutions.”
DB Schenker Logistics does not only provide a carbon footprint to transport beneficiaries as per the French law but, beyond, for all kinds of transports globally.

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