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Deutsche Post DHL and Teach First Deutschland celebrate their five-year partnership working for better educational opportunity [Education]


Deutsche Post DHL has been Teach First Deutschland's largest partner since the organization was launched
So far over 330 participants have been deployed in schools in Germany

Deutsche Post DHL has been the largest supporter of Teach First Deutschland (TFD) since the organization was founded in 2009. In Berlin, the two parties celebrated the five-year anniversary of their partnership together with prominent guests from the worlds of politics, business and education. Since the launch of the partnership, a total of 200 "Fellows", outstanding university graduates from all academic disciplines, have completed their two-year assignments working in schools in high-risk communities; an additional 130 are currently on assignment as Fellows. TFD's mission is to help children and youths, regardless of social background, to develop into independent young men and women with the skills and direction to be able to tap into and grow their potential. After receiving training from TFD, the Fellows spend two years working in schools providing support to teachers in the classroom, individual tutoring and coaching for students, as well as additional measures designed to enhance learning and student development.

"The future success and innovative potential of business and society depends on a strong educational system and a targeted, purposeful approach to career development for young people. Educational and career opportunities, however, are often distributed unevenly across society. Also here in Germany, there are young people in need for support," says Christof Ehrhart, Executive Vice President Corporate Communications and Responsibility at Deutsche Post DHL. "This is why we have supported Teach First Deutschland from the very beginning and are making this investment in the next generation. As a global company, we also support TFD's international parent organization Teach For All, as well as seven additional national-level partners within the Teach For All network in Latin America, Asia and Europe."

"We thank Deutsche Post DHL for our five-year-partnership. Without the support of the company, our project would not look the same", said Ulf Matysiak, CEO of Teach First Deutschland. "The financial aspect is only one of many. Deutsche Post DHL adds with specific activities like mentoring programs, career coaching and seminars for fellows and volunteering projects at schools to the professionalism and attractiveness of the program."

For Deutsche Post DHL, its partnership with Teach First Deutschland and Teach For All fits perfectly in the framework of its Group-wide program GoTeach. Along with the goal to improve education and access to educational opportunity, the GoTeach program also provides young people with their first look into the working world and supports them in the process of choosing a career or vocation. As part of the GoTeach partnerships, Deutsche Post DHL employees also contribute their own skills and experience. They offer mentoring, training in job application/ interview skills, or provide students with a look into everyday working life - practical, hands-on ways to prepare for life after school.

Deutsche Post DHL's support for Teach First Deutschland is also more than just financial. Along with training opportunities for Teach First Deutschland Fellows and staff, Deutsche Post DHL offers a dedicated mentoring program for TFD Fellows, who receive career guidance from Group managers over a period of 15 months during the second year of their TFD assignment. In addition, Deutsche Post DHL provides insight into business topics and offers seminars on leadership, change management and process optimization.

Joint action for more educational chances
Teach First Deutschland organized a conference with the motto "Courage! - Joint action for more educational chances" on 14th and 15th November in Berlin. The title refers to the conviction that action for greater educational chances requires courage and openness. The organization has always pursued to not only talk about the lack of educational chances but to act accordingly.

The conference will focus on concrete aspects of educational questions and precise ideas and proposals by employees of TFD, fellows and alumni. Further, eight Alumni will present a book covering their experiences working in schools. The foreword is by Frank-Walter Steinmeier, Foreign Minister of Germany.

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