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New Shanghai International Express and Cargo Hub Extends FedEx Operational Strength for Customers in Asia Pacific [Integrator]


FedEx Express announced the official opening of its new FedEx Shanghai International Express and Cargo Hub located at Shanghai Pudong International Airport. The facility provides greater connectivity and convenience to the FedEx global network and overseas markets for customers in eastern China, particularly those shipping to the US and Europe.

The Shanghai Hub is the largest of its kind at Shanghai Pudong International Airport. The new facility applies cutting-edge technologies and innovation to enhance operational efficiency. The 134,000 square-meter facility is equipped with a dedicated Customer Care Center as well as cold chain facilities.

“The Asia Pacific region remains the growth driver of the world,” said David L. Cunningham, Jr., president and CEO, FedEx Express. “This new Hub adds yet another major facility to our already comprehensive regional and global network, giving our Asia Pacific customers reliable access to international markets.”

FedEx currently has 66 weekly flights in and out of the Hub. With a fully automated sorting system, the new facility can process up to 36,000 packages and documents per hour. The facility utilizes information technology to send real-time information, including flight and shipment status to customers’ mobile devices so they can arrange pick-ups accordingly and reduce logistics cost. With dedicated areas for China Customs and China Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine (CIQ), the Hub simplifies operations and improves the Customs clearance process.

“The FedEx Shanghai Hub marks another milestone that helps support the economic growth of east China. By continuously enhancing our services and facilities, we can provide our customers an edge in the fast moving and ever-changing business environment,” said Karen M. Reddington, president, Asia Pacific, FedEx Express.

FedEx continues to increase its operational strength to meet the specific needs of its customers from various industries. For example, the new Hub features a Cold Chain Center which will support the healthcare industry, one of the fastest growing sectors in the Asia Pacific region. Equipped with temperature-controlled storage ranging from -22°C to 25°C, the Center offers a full suite of high-standard cold chain logistics solutions tailored to different healthcare products such as medicines, semi-finished medicines and pharmaceuticals.

The FedEx Shanghai International Express and Cargo Hub reinforces the city’s position as one of the world’s leading international shipping centers, which has ranked among the top three in the world for ten consecutive years with a cargo and mail throughput of 3.8356 million tons in 2017.

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DHL launches Global Trade Barometer, a new and unique leading indicator for world trade [Integrator]


Cross-border trade of intermediate goods and early-cycle commodities point to a moderate increase in world trade within the next three months
DHL Global Trade Barometer derives predictions for global trade by evaluating large amounts of logistics data with the help of Artificial Intelligence
Tim Scharwath, CEO DHL Global Forwarding, Freight: "In a world characterized by volatility and uncertainty, we are contributing to greater transparency and predictability - for the benefit of our customers, our business and society."
Bonn/New York, 01/18/2018, 07:00 PM CET
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Official launch event with Tim Scharwath, CEO of DHL Global Forwarding, Freight

DHL has introduced a new and unique early indicator for the current state and future development of global trade. The DHL Global Trade Barometer is based on large amounts of logistics data that are evaluated with the help of artificial intelligence. Since global trade fuels the world economy, the DHL Global Trade Barometer not only provides an outlook on future trade, but also on the prospects for the global economy. The indicator has been developed in cooperation between DHL and Accenture and will be published quarterly.

"As the world's leading logistics provider, DHL has both, a deep understanding of the driving forces behind global trade volumes and the industry expertise to analyze and interpret market data. Our network, knowledge and experience uniquely position us to understand global supply chains in order to derive a global trade outlook", said Tim Scharwath, CEO of DHL Global Forwarding, Freight. "The DHL Global Trade Barometer shows impressively how digitalization - with the use of Big Data and Predictive Analytics - opens up entirely new opportunities that we can use for the benefit of our customers."

Accenture will provide data modelling and predictive analytics to forecast future trade trends for DHL. DHL will receive one unified view of the insights which will give them a stronger understanding of current and future state of global trade logistics for its customers.

Detailed bottom-up data modelling
The DHL Global Trade Barometer is based on import and export data for a number of intermediate and early-cycle commodities that serve as the basis for further industrial production, e.g. brand labels for clothes, bumpers for cars or touch screens for mobile devices. Sources for the index are aggregated market data from air and containerized ocean freight in seven countries, which account for more than 75 percent of world trade. Using artificial intelligence and various statistical methods this data is compressed to a single index value, which is published on a global level and individually for the seven countries evaluated.

The DHL Global Trade Barometer index represents the weighted average of the current growth and the upcoming two months of global trade. An index value above 50 indicates a positive development; values below 50 point to a decline in world trade. Tests with historical data have revealed a high correlation between the DHL Global Trade Barometer and real containerized trade, providing a three-month forward-looking estimate.

January index points to continued moderate growth in global trade
The DHL Global Trade Barometer for January 2018 indicates that global trade will continue to grow within the next three months. On its initial release, the index scored 64, which is slightly below the values calculated for previous months. That means that world trade is still considered to be in an expansive mode, but growth loses momentum. The decline is due to weakening prospects for Chinese and Japanese trade, which is only partially offset by improved prospects for India, South Korea and Great Britain.

In addition to the findings on world trade in general, the DHL Global Trade Barometer provides deep insights into specific issues, e.g. the main macroeconomic factors that are affecting trade trends or the countries and regions that are driving global trade. By breaking down the global supply chain, volume trends within industry sectors could be identified, pointing to outperforming and declining sectors.

The insights from the DHL Global Trade Barometer will help DHL customers to optimize their business processes, for example providing guidance for investment and supply chain decisions. Moreover, DHL itself will leverage the indicator to fine-tune its own resource planning for its international logistics operations. Due to the high quality of the data, the company believes that the DHL Global Trade Barometer has a high significance also beyond logistics. Since it is an indicator for future trade and economic growth worldwide, the index could be integrated into forecast models by banks, associations or economic research institutes.

"In a world characterized by volatility and uncertainty, we are contributing to greater transparency and predictability - for the benefit of our customers, our business and society", Tim Scharwath said.

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DHL and GoodShipping reduce ocean freight's carbon footprint [Integrator]


DHL Global Forwarding to be the first ocean forwarder offering advanced biofuel services
New hassle-free service reduces carbon emissions to zero
Additionally, the solution enables a significant reduction of local air pollutants

DHL Global Forwarding, the air and ocean freight
specialist of Deutsche Post DHL Group, and the GoodShipping Program, the world's first initiative to decarbonize the container shipping industry by changing the marine fuel mix, exclusively collaborate in making ocean freight transports more environmentally friendly. With the signed memorandum of understanding DHL Global Forwarding is the first to offer its customers the opportunity to select next generation marine biofuels rather than fossil fuels for their transports by sea.

"The partnership with the GoodShipping Program is a unique opportunity to drive change within the ocean freight industry and to contribute to DHL's environmental target of zero emissions by 2050. Our joint advanced biofuel service is designed as a supplement to our GoGreen Climate Neutral services or as an alternative, giving our customers even more opportunity to reduce their carbon footprint," Kathrin Brost, Global Head Customer Intelligence & GoGreen, DHL Global Forwarding points out.

Deutsche Post DHL Group has been exploring renewable fuels as an important lever to minimize ocean freights' impact on the environment. Key criteria are that they are produced sustainably and do not compete for example with food production for land use. Following strict sustainability standards, the waste-based biofuels must meet the requirements to be qualified as the cleanest biofuels currently available on the market. Based on a like to like approach, the current container fleet can bunker and burn advanced marine biofuel without any technical modifications.

"DHL's mission to reach zero emission logistics by 2050 made them a perfect partner for a strategic and mutually beneficial long term cooperation. Together with DHL, we provide global access to every single cargo owner that wants to help us clean up the marine fuel mix," said Astrid Sonneveld, Program Director at GoodShipping.

New service founds on the principle that greenhouse gas reductions are allocated to the customers. Each customer signing up for the service, orders truly green TEU-kilometers instead of just a regular shipment, with or without carbon offsets. The corresponding volumes of advanced biofuel will be used onboard of vessels of selected ocean carrier partners during regular operations. The more shippers use the new service, the higher the share of advanced biofuels for container shipping and the reduction of carbon emissions. The environmental benefits are quantified and protected from double claims and the CO2-benefits are allocated to the customer. Apart from reducing carbon emissions to zero, biofuels are essentially free of sulphur. The switch to clean-burning biofuels allows for very substantial reductions of particulate matter and some improvement of NOx performance.

In 2012, shipments transported via ocean freight in logistics accounted for approximately 2.2% of all carbon emissions globally1 and it is expected that this could increase to 17% of total global emissions by 2050, therefore underscoring the important role that carbon reduction can play within the shipping industry. With this development ahead the new GoodShipping service is a crucial element in paving the way for DHL's corporate mission to reduce all logistics-related emissions to zero by 2050.

The partnership agreement of DHL Global Forwarding and the Good Shipping Program is exclusive. Early 2018 the new service will be available to DHL's customers.

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