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GT Nexus and TradeCard to Merge, Creating World's Biggest Cloud-based Business Network for Global Trade and Supply Chain Management [IT]

GT Nexus and TradeCard today announced that the companies have entered into a definitive merger agreement. The companies are leaders and pioneers in cloud-based technology platforms that link companies together in commerce networks. Both provide―and operate―advanced business collaboration networks that the world’s leading companies rely on to better manage physical and financial supply chain processes on a global scale with thousands of trading partners.

As cloud technology rapidly replaces licensed and installed traditional software in the corporate enterprise, global supply chain management has emerged as the next big opportunity for driving business agility and operational excellence. Merged, the combined entity instantly becomes the world’s biggest cloud information utility, with a global network of over 20,000 businesses spanning every major industry―from retail and apparel to high tech, automotive, heavy industry, consumer products, pharmaceutical, chemicals, commodities, finance and logistics. Together, the companies will manage over $100 billion in direct supply chain trade.

“Both companies share a common technology vision that networked platforms, delivered in the cloud, is the path forward for companies that source and sell goods globally,” said Sean Feeney, CEO of TradeCard. “The strengths of each company are highly complementary and will offer customers a complete solution, covering the entire supply chain execution lifecycle, from sourcing of goods to final delivery and payment.”

The merger brings together GT Nexus, the established leader in cloud-based logistics and global transportation control solutions for manufacturers, retailers and logistics service providers, with TradeCard, the undisputed leader in cloud-based financial supply chain and production visibility solutions for retail and consumer soft goods.

“Our customers are the biggest winners in this merger,” noted Aaron Sasson, CEO of GT Nexus. “It’s a true merger of equals. Together, we offer a single cloud network for enabling business processes across global trade networks―an enormous and still untapped opportunity for the vast majority of companies who have been struggling to take their businesses to the next level with complicated ERP systems.”

The company, to be headquartered in Oakland, CA, will have global presence with a network of regional offices around the world. TradeCard CEO Sean Feeney will be CEO of the merged company, GT Nexus CEO Aaron Sasson will be Chairman of the Board, and TradeCard Founder Kurt Cavano will be Vice Chairman. Specifics about the company name and leadership structure will be announced when the transaction is finalized.

The merger is subject to customary closing conditions and clearance from antitrust regulatory authorities. The transaction is expected to close in early 2013.

About TradeCard, Inc.
Since 1999, TradeCard, Inc. has transformed global supply chain collaboration by boosting visibility, cash flow and margins for over 10,000 brands, retailers, suppliers and service providers operating in 78 countries. TradeCard delivers a cloud-based network that enables complex, multi-enterprise sourcing transactions across multiple layers of the supply chain. More than 45,000 individual users leverage the TradeCard Platform to streamline transaction flows, from purchase order through production tracking, shipment and payment. Embedded financial services throughout the supply network reduce capital costs and minimize risk. Multi-enterprise collaboration on the platform delivers visibility into the movement of goods, from raw materials to the store shelf. TradeCard’s on-the-ground trade experts around the world allow entire supply networks to rapidly join and drive value through the platform.

The world’s leading retailers and brands, including Levi Strauss & Co., Columbia Sportswear, Guess and Rite Aid, leverage the TradeCard Platform and its member network for sourcing and global trade. TradeCard, Inc. is headquartered in New York City, with offices in San Francisco, Amsterdam, Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Taipei, Seoul, Ho Chi Minh City and Colombo.

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Descartes Customers Leading Adoption of Cargo-XML [IT]

Descartes Systems Group, the global leader in uniting logistics-intensive businesses in commerce, announced that it is working with DHL Global Forwarding and other customers to spearhead the air freight forwarding industry's adoption of Cargo-XML as a new communication standard.

"Descartes manages all of DHL Global Forwarding's electronic communications with our air carrier partners," said Steve Smith, Head of E-Business Airfreight for DHL Global Forwarding. "When the time came to upgrade our system communications, we looked to Descartes and our carrier partners to lead the industry in the adoption of Cargo-XML. With technology that is more flexible and robust than the previous standards, we're better positioned to react to changing regulations, customer demands, and more."

The Cargo-XML standard is designed to innovate how the air industry communicates. The new schema provides freight forwarders, airlines, and their respective trading partners with more robust data capture capabilities, improved information accuracy, support of the International Air Transport Association (IATA) "eFreight" initiative, and better ability to effectively keep pace with rapidly evolving customs and security requirements.

"Great partnerships with freight forwarders and carriers across our installed base, like the one we have DHL Global Forwarding, are helping to accelerate adoption of Cargo-XML," said Scott Sangster, Vice President Global Logistics Network at Descartes. "We look forward to continued collaboration with DHL Global Forwarding and other leaders participating in the IATA Cargo-XML Task Force to help develop standards and ways to improve the efficiency and security of the air cargo industry."

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U.S. Shippers Association Moves Global Logistics Control Technology into the Cloud with GT Nexus [IT]

GT Nexus announced that the U.S. Shippers Association (USSA) has successfully rolled out its cloud supply chain platform to centralize and automate global logistics management for member companies. GT Nexus replaces disconnected, manual processes and systems with a single collaborative platform. Delivered as a hosted cloud technology service, GT Nexus automates the entire freight spend life cycle, beginning with the procurement of transportation services, through rate management and shipment visibility.

USSA enables the pooling of expertise of member companies to optimize logistics solutions and costs for exporting containerized products. USSA contracts for shipments of about 50,000 TEUs of ocean freight per year. Member companies include manufacturing industry leaders such as Air Products, Amcol International, Llyondell-Basell, FMC Corp., Guardian, Phibro, Rhodia, Sekisui, and Solvay.

“Our members are all very large, global companies that work together on common supply chain issues,” said Mark E. Davis, CSCP, Global Supply Chain Manager, FMC Corporation, Lithium Division. “Cloud technology is an ideal solution for us because it supports business collaboration between our members and partners in a way that could never be done before. We are now all operating against a ‘single version of truth’ information model, which is very powerful when applied across a large global network like ours.”

“We want to provide our members with the best technology possible,” said Beverly Altimore, Executive Director at USSA. “The combination of disconnected standalone software and spreadsheets was cumbersome and inefficient. GT Nexus gives us both the business applications and the partner network for our members to efficiently manage their global logistics operations.”

USSA has consolidated and automated a number of key business processes that were previously handled through various software tools. GT Nexus had a proven, scalable solution that’s already deployed at many of the world’s biggest shippers and forwarders, enabling USSA to get up and running very quickly.

One of the key benefits of USSA is its ability to pool the freight volume of the members and negotiate preferred rates and services with logistics providers. Member companies then access their contracts and run their supply chains using the jointly negotiated rates. GT Nexus provides both the transportation sourcing environment, as well as the central contract repository that members access over the Web.

“The USSA is an example where you have multiple parties on both sides of the commercial relationship,” said Greg Johnsen, CMO and co-founder at GT Nexus. “This is exactly the kind of business-to-business collaboration that cloud supply chain platforms like GT Nexus were designed to support. The USSA turned to GT Nexus because they discovered that standalone solutions still lack an industry network and key stakeholder support.”

GT Nexus is also providing USSA member companies with shipment visibility capabilities on the platform. Often cited as the number one priority, visibility can help companies in the process manufacturing industry improve operational control and customer service. “While USSA consolidates purchasing to gain buying leverage for all members, each company operates independently using the negotiated rates,” added Altimore. “GT Nexus is designed to support this complex combination of centralized purchasing and decentralized daily operations that are scattered around the world.”

The GT Nexus cloud supply chain platform fuses business applications to an integrated network of importers, exporters, carriers, 3PLs and banks. Customers use just the services they need, paying as they go, which eliminates the up-front risk associated with traditional software and allows for rapid deployments and opportunities for easy expansion into more sophisticated logistics management capabilities.

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Maersk Line Connects with GT Nexus as an e-Commerce Services Provider [IT]

GT Nexus announced that Maersk Line, the world's largest ocean container shipping company, has contracted with GT Nexus to provide Maersk Line’s customers with advanced e-commerce capabilities. Maersk Line has integrated its back office systems with the GT Nexus cloud supply chain platform, enabling Maersk Line to support paperless business transactions with customers who use GT Nexus.

“We make every effort to provide our customers with the technology, services and support they need to run efficient, agile global supply chains,” said Danny Danford, Head of eBusiness Integration Solutions at Maersk Line. “A number of our customers use GT Nexus as their core supply chain operating platform and we are able to support them by being a certified carrier on that network.”

“Maersk Line recognizes that shippers put a premium on advanced technology and expect their carriers to support them on the solution of their choice,” said John Urban, president of GT Nexus. “Customers are working to simplify their interactions with partners through automation. Maersk Line is now part of our network, and we welcome them to our growing community of providers.”

GT Nexus and Maersk Line have worked together for several years in support of supply chain visibility and service contracting initiatives with shippers and 3PLs that are on the platform. With this change, users of GT Nexus also have the ability to exchange electronic bookings and bill of lading instructions directly with Maersk Line. As the world’s most reliable container line, Maersk Line will have the ability to differentiate on the information timeliness and quality within the Supply Chain Management components of the GT Nexus product suite.

The GT Nexus cloud supply chain platform is used by the world’s leading companies to manage inventory and shipment flows across their partner networks as well as to execute transactions with their transport carriers, which drives scale and cost effectiveness. Carriers such as Maersk Line integrate to GT Nexus once and can then use that single standardized interface to exchange business information with thousands of other customers on the platform.

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Descartes Signs First Service Provider Agreement for Japan Customs' Advance Filing Rules Compliance [IT]

Descartes Systems Group announced it is the first service provider to sign an agreement with Nippon Automated Cargo and Port Consolidated System, Inc. (NACCS Center) to electronically file customs documents to Japan Customs in compliance with the newly enacted Advanced Filing Rules.

On March 30th, 2012, a bill to amend part of the Customs Tariff Law was passed through the Diet legislature in Japan. This amendment enacts the Advance Filing Rules, which require a vessel operator or non-vessel operating common carrier (NVOCC) to electronically submit to Japan Customs the information on maritime container cargo intended for a port in Japan. In principle, this submission should happen no later than 24 hours before departure of the vessel from a port of loading. The electronic report from foreign filers will be made through service providers authorized by NACCS Center.

"We're pleased to announce that Descartes has agreed to be the first service provider in ensuring our customers' compliance with the new Advanced Filing Rules. This is the first time we've signed an agreement with an overseas service provider since NACCS Center was founded in 1977. We can call it a big step forward for global activity," said Mr. Takuo Yoshimoto, President & CEO, NACCS Center. "Descartes' experience in advance manifest filing services in Canada, the United States and other countries has been of great assistance to us as we prepare for the Advance Filing Rules."

Descartes' Customs & Regulatory Compliance solutions help to keep goods moving across borders, whether by air, land or sea. Descartes bridges the information gap between logistics organizations and regulatory authorities around the globe, such as Japan Customs, to enable efficient cargo security screening, customs declaration filings and compliance across a broad spectrum of regulatory initiatives. Descartes' Customs & Regulatory solutions are based on Descartes' 30+ years of domain expertise and technology innovation. They leverage Descartes' Global Logistics Network (GLN), the world's largest multi-modal logistics messaging network, to connect parties, such as carriers, ocean forwarders and government organizations.

"Helping countries keep their borders safe and secure is one of the most important services we perform. As a leading provider of global customs and regulatory filing solutions, we're pleased to work with NACCS Center as an authorized service provider for Japan's Advance Filing Rules," said Arthur Mesher, Chairman and CEO at Descartes.

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