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プロロジス、早稲田大学大学院商学研究科の寄附講座 「ロジスティクス・SCM」を4月6日(土)より開講 [Education]

物流不動産の所有・運営・開発のリーディング・グローバル企業であるプロロジス(NYSE: PLD)が、物流・ロジスティクス業界の人材育成および同業界の創造的な進化をサポートすることを目的として2006年より早稲田大学大学院商学研究科に開設している寄附講座「ロジスティクス・SCM」の8年目の講座が4月6日(土)より、同大学院春学期の授業としてスタートします。
【2013年度早稲田大学大学院商学研究科 プロロジス寄附講座「ロジスティクス・SCM」概要】

2013年4月6日(土)〜2013年7月20日(土) 計15回 ※5月4日は休講


早稲田大学大学院商学研究科 黒須 誠治 教授

包装・梱包 他
プロロジスは今後も企業としての責任(Corporate Responsibility)の一環として、教育・研究・学術機関などへの協力を通じ、日本の物流・ ロジスティクス業界の発展および若手人材の育成に貢献してまいります。
【当件のプレスリリースファイル ダウンロード】

早稲田大学大学院商学研究科 黒須 誠治 教授

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Master in Management Application Deadline Extended [Education]

The Kühne Logistics University (KLU), the academic university of logistics and management in Hamburg’s HafenCity district, is launching a new master’s program in management in the upcoming winter semester and has extended the application deadline until July 31, 2011. The application phase for scholarships has been extended accordingly.

From September 2011 THE KLU is expanding its study offering to include a new master’s program in management with an optional specialization in logistics. As in other areas, graduates with the management competences that are taught in this course are much sought-after in the logistics industry. The M.Sc. in Management is aimed mainly at bachelor graduates with a prior knowledge of business and economics. The M.Sc. program is a qualification for executive positions in national and international management. The sole language of instruction is English. Tuition fees are €7,500 per year of study, or €15,000 in all. The course starts on September 1, 2011.

What is more, from the Winter Semester of 2011 the Kühne Logistics University is offering scholarships for bachelor graduates who would like to study for the M.Sc. in Management. To stand a chance of being awarded a scholarship, applicants must have personality, commitment, bite, and passion. They must also score at least 600 points in their Graduate Management Admissions Test. “The financial burden was an issue for me,” says scholarship holder Sebastian Sass of the KLU. “The scholarship made it much easier for me to pay my way. I didn’t think I’d stand a chance because I wasn’t a classic top marks candidate, and I was surprised to be shortlisted because of my other qualifications. I feel it is important for the KLU to offer its students financial support.”

Anyone can apply for a scholarship who has successfully completed the application process. Scholarship application documents can be downloaded from http://www.the-klu.org. The new application deadline is July 31, 2011.

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International Summer School “TransportManagement” at the KLU in Hamburg [Education]

Focus on transport management
2011-09-19 to 2011-09-30

From 19th September 2011 to 30th September 2011, Kühne Logistics
University is hosting the International Summer School “Transport
Management”. Twelve professionally organized days of executive education
with outstanding international lecturers. In compact form important topic areas
for logistics managers are introduced in five modules covering transport
management in business contexts. This International Summer School will not
only give new insights, but also should help the management and company to
make their transport management smarter.

The International Summer School is presented by THE KLU and delivered in
close cooperation with Prof. Sebastian Kummer of the WU Vienna University
of Economics and Business, one of the top business schools in Europe. Meet
some of the most prominent and renowned speakers of the transport
community like Prof. Uwe Clausen from Fraunhofer IML or Mathias Paul of DB
Mobility Logistics AG on our campus in Hamburg.
For application forms and more details on the course content and agenda, visit
www.the-klu.org or email professional@the-klu.org. No previous academic
qualifications are required and participants will receive a certificate of study
upon completion. The International Summer School is supported by network
partners the AGA Unternehmensverband (employers’ association) and the
Logistics Initiative Hamburg. The fees are 5,000 Euro per person.

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