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Kuehne + Nagel partners with South Africa’s largest multichannel order fulfilment company “On the Dot” to drive e-commerce [Forwarder]

Media24 subsidiary, On the Dot (OtD), and global logistics provider Kuehne + Nagel cooperate in setting up an integrated supply chain solution with order management from point of origin and full end-to-end visibility.

Designed to meet the needs of South African retailers, the solution offers seamless e-commerce fulfilment including international freight, customs clearance, dedicated e-commerce warehousing, value added services as well as highly efficient and innovative last mile deliveries. Maximum visibility and transparency are ensured through state-of-the-art IT systems and technology.

The cooperation leverages the core competences of both companies, Kuehne + Nagel‘s expertise in international freight forwarding and supply chain management and OtD’s comprehensive distribution network based on its strength in e-commerce.

“Kuehne + Nagel is the perfect partner for us to offer a full end-to-end supply chain solution to South African retailers who are looking for a one-stop shop that offers all services from freight and custom clearance to distribution and e-fulfilment. Our combined solution makes us unique in the South African market,” says Media24 eCommerce CEO Vincent Hoogduijn.

Marcus Balzereit, Managing Director Kuehne + Nagel Southern Africa, says: “Kuehne + Nagel is proud to partner with Media24 as the leading media and e-commerce company in South Africa. This cooperation is in line with Kuehne + Nagel’s global strategy to digitalise logistics services as well as to specifically meet the evolving needs of our fast growinge-commerce customers and to further increase their efficiencies.”

Media24 is South Africa’s leading media company and part of Naspers, a multinational group of media and ecommerce platforms. Media 24’s subsidiary, On the Dot, is the largest multichannel media logistics company in South Africa and offers a comprehensive, integrated, one-stop logistics solution for all media products, such as books, magazines, newspapers, digital fulfilment, consumer electronics and music.

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New DHL Resilience360 Analytics module to provide businesses with foresight on supply chains risks [Integrator]


New module offers deep analytical capabilities integrating comprehensive risk data with customer supply chain data
The new tool combines insights across all existing Resilience360 modules
Customizable and exportable dashboards provide deep analytical view

At its third annual Risk & Resilience Conference today, DHL launched a tool that streamlines and consolidates data from existing modules to provide further insights through DHL Resilience360, the Group's innovative, cloud-based risk management platform and early warning system. Resilience360 Analytics is unique in combining years of systemically collected supply chain data with some of the most comprehensive risk databases available on the market. It combines DHL's Risk Exposure Index, a weighted index across more than 30 risk categories, with customer supply chain and business impact data to provide predictions of potential future obstacles. The analyzed and consolidated data is visualized in a succinct manner and helps businesses have an increasingly clear view into their supply chains.

"As global businesses are growing rapidly while supply chains are becoming more complex, it is crucial for our customers to detect future obstacles along the supply chain and take early actions to mitigate business risks," says Tobias Larsson, Head of Resilience360, DHL Customer Solutions & Innovation.

During Hurricane Harvey, about 33 percent of US chemical production was disrupted and many chemical suppliers had to give force majeure notices. Resilience360 Analytics showed that the expected shortages of basic industrial building blocks such as ethylene, chlorine or butadiene are likely to have an impact on the Automotive, Life Science & Healthcare and Electronics industries. A manufacturing company in one of these sectors, for example, might have a supplier of chemicals that ships items by rail from the Port of Houston. Armed with the knowledge that the port and the railway were likely to be closed for a certain period of time, the customer could be the first to pre-order additional supplies to cover that period. With the information from Resilience360, DHL is able to visualize their customer's end-to-end supply chain, making it possible to specifically say whether production lines may be impacted and revert to contingency plans, if needed.

The new module immediately provides insights to companies, helping them to gain profound understanding of risks affecting their supply chain. These insights include:

Benchmarking dashboards to compare own risk profiles with those of industry peers and to receive early-warnings on incidents.
Sector-specific analysis based on unique risk profiles of various geographically mapped supplier production locations.
Risk bottlenecks in supply chains by analyzing registered incidents that have had impact on nodes and receiving user feedback on relevant events.
Supply chain pain points by combining historic as well as forward-looking risk information with supplier data (trade volumes, business impact scores, value at risk, single sourcing etc.).
The new module for instance shows that automotive and aerospace industries are 16.6 percent and 4 percent below the average risk profile, meaning that these industries are the most risk averse, while chemicals and technology have a substantially higher risk profile with figures at 8 percent and 10 percent above the average respectively.

"Utilizing the new analytical tool and methods now gives us the basis to develop regression and predictive models, further enhancing our solutions in the area of risk mitigation. Together with the Deutsche Post DHL Data Science teams, we are currently looking into alternative re-routing suggestions as well as shipment delay predictions, to forecast the likelihood and the potential duration of shipment disruptions for risk events along transportation hubs using millions of historic DHL shipment data sets," says Rick Tillenburg, Senior Customer Operations Analyst at Resilience360.

From natural disasters to cyber-attacks and a quickly changing regulatory environment, organizations need to be prepared in order to take quick action when the inevitable occurs. The new R360 Analytics application complements DHL's Resilience360 platform in order to map out specific industries and the subsequent impacts to other industries likely to run short of supply in the event of a disruption.

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Panalpina announces launch of highly innovative and industry-shaping customer portal [Forwarder]


Panalpina is intent on steering the logistics industry into the Digital Age by using the newest technologies available to create a truly innovative, end-to-end digital environment for its customers, and thereby reaffirms its role as an innovator and forerunner in the sector. The new customer portal not only addresses many of today’s most pressing needs but more importantly will shape and define tomorrow’s interactions and interfaces between customers and logistics service providers.

“We have recently reached a significant milestone in modernizing the company’s systems landscape by successfully rolling out our new state-of-the-art operational platform (SAP TM) in Germany – one of our key markets. Now, Panalpina is taking the next logical step in creating a seamless customer experience that will make managing global shipments faster and simpler,” announces Panalpina CEO Stefan Karlen. “Our new customer portal is the centerpiece of Panalpina’s technology transformation and one that will greatly impact how we, and likely others in the industry, will interact with customers in the future.”

In a first step, Panalpina has successfully piloted its new, fully automated online quotation and booking platform for ad hoc cargo with selected Air Freight customers. This new centralized digital platform provides customers with a fast, simple and reliable online interface that enables informed decision-making by giving access to easy and instantaneous quotation and booking of ad hoc shipments globally. Some of the first key customer benefits of the new platform are:

1.Speed: instant quotation thanks to automated rate calculation without human intervention

2.End-to-end solutions: rates cover door-to-door transactions including pre- and on-carriage

3.Ease: rates can be viewed and freight booked instantaneously with a few mouse-clicks and without the need to pick up a phone or write an email

Lucas Kuehner, global head of Air Freight at Panalpina, says: “We were already a pioneer in the industry with our unique Charter Network and we are doing so again, right now. The platform offers key features such as dynamic pricing, global coverage and online 24/7 accessibility. In today’s highly volatile market environment, our automated platform allows us to respond very quickly to customer inquiries by providing competitive rates as well as cargo capacity either through our Charter Network or best-in-class partner carriers.”

Ralf Morawietz, Panalpina’s chief information officer, explains: “Today, anyone can easily set up an appealing front-end tool for freight quotation or booking. The key question to ask is: What happens on the back end when a query is triggered? In our case, sophisticated algorithms immediately scan the industry’s most comprehensive online databases, without manual intervention, to calculate the best freight rates and options for our customers.”

“We are excited to launch the platform in the first quarter of next year, and thereafter extend this new-generation digital portal across our entire product portfolio and customer base,” adds Karlen.

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Panalpina completes acquisition of Air Connection [Forwarder]

International freight forwarding and logistics company Panalpina announced today the completion of the acquisition of Air Connection, a specialized forwarder of flowers and vegetables following the approval by the Competition Authority of Kenya. The move follows Panalpina’s acquisition of Airflo in 2016 and positions the company as a clear market leader in perishables in Kenya.

“The acquisition of Air Connection is another important step in building our Perishables Network. It further strengthens our existing global footprint and positions us as a clear market leader in perishables in Kenya,” says Stefan Karlen, CEO of Panalpina. “It will also allow us to develop our perishables presence in the neighboring countries of Tanzania and Uganda, where we see a lot of potential.”

The Panalpina Perishables Network offers customers in both origin and destination countries complete end-to-end solutions on a global scale. Using the company’s global coverage, dedicated perishables experts in key markets, and the unique Panalpina Charter Network, Panalpina is one of the few freight forwarders worldwide that can combine global coverage with experts dedicated to the perishables business.

“Being part of a major logistics company which is focused on becoming the preferred global supplier of perishables logistics means we can now offer our customers end-to-end solutions and grow the perishables business out of Kenya,” added Manjit Brar, owner and managing director of Air Connection.

Founded in 1993, Air Connection has operations close to Jomo Kenyatta International Airport in Nairobi and in Mombasa. The company specializes in the export of flowers and vegetables from Kenya to multiple destinations, including the Netherlands and the UK. The perishables business of Air Connection will be merged with Panalpina Airflo.

“By combining Panalpina’s global network with Air Connection’s expertise in direct shipments, we can now offer our customers an unequalled service including direct shipments to over 150 destinations worldwide,” explains Conrad Archer, managing director of Panalpina Airflo and Panalpina Kenya.

The combined business boosts Panalpina Airflo’s existing cold storage capabilities to a total of 4,200 m2 dedicated to perishables and will handle around 70,000 tons of perishables air freight per year. Construction has already begun to significantly increase the cold storage for perishables, which will be completed next year.

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