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Panalpina World Remanufacturing Day: celebrating the commercial and environmental benefits of the circular economy [Forwarder]


If rockets can be reused, then a lot of other things should be too! SpaceX became the first company to launch a resupply mission to the International Space Station on a reused rocket. (Photo by SpaceX)
Today is World Remanufacturing Day! “Remanufacturing is only one part of the after-market solutions that we provide at Panalpina, but it is a very important part and it looks set to become even more important for our customers in the future,” says Mike Wilson, global head of Logistics and Manufacturing at Panalpina. Remanufacturing and the circular economy, something Panalpina has talked about before, go hand in hand.

In the past, supply chains have grown longer with the trend for manufacturing companies to move production to low cost geographies far from customer demand.

However, these elongated “take-make-dispose” supply chains that have been successful for many years are rapidly losing relevance in light of the transition to shorter, circular supply chains. The world is already seeing a shift away from centrally manufactured products which are shipped through a global transport network and sold once, to more localized manufacturing with products returning and being resold multiple times through their lifecycle.

Commercial opportunities

This shift towards the circular economy is being driven by manufacturers and retailers who see the enormous commercial opportunities in the after-market supply chain, which includes product upgrade services, spare parts sales, product repair, remanufacturing and brokerage opportunities such as selling used products into new markets. All of which are services that Panalpina provides as part of its wider LMS offering.

“The transition from take-make-dispose supply chains to the circular supply chains of the future is happening faster than we expected,” says Wilson.

Customers increasingly ask for Panalpina’s help to identify and exploit commercial opportunities in their after-market supply chain, whether this is about increasing their after-sales revenues, reducing operating costs or freeing up inventory, or a combination of all three.

Panalpina helps its customers take advantage of the transition to circular supply chains in multiple industries across the globe; remanufacturing mobile phones in Dubai, repairing telecoms equipment in Mexico, repacking fashion products in the US and screening and testing optical equipment in Germany.

Journey to the circular supply chain

A broader view of the opportunities that circular supply chains offer can be found in a recent white paper produced at the Panalpina Centre for Manufacturing and Logistics Research at Cardiff University.

Authored by Wilson and titled Journey to the circular supply chain, the industry report on the future of manufacturing supply chains and logistics has been endorsed by the European Remanufacturing Council.

The European Remanufacturing Council, of which Panalpina is a leading member, was recently recognized at the Davos World Economic Forum as a best practice example of industry and academic collaboration. The Council supports companies and governments in making the transition to circular supply chains.

Environmental and societal benefits to be gained as well

Although the transition to circular supply chains opens up enormous commercial opportunities, there are environmental and societal benefits to be gained as well. For World Remanufacturing Day, Panalpina headquarters supported a local charity by collecting, fixing and repurposing used laptops, tablets and phones from Panalpina employees that will be donated to a school in Africa.

“We want to show that as individuals as well as a company, Panalpina is committed to making the most of the commercial and environmental opportunities in the transition to circular supply chains,” says Andy Lahy, global head of Logistics Strategy and Innovation at Panalpina, who is behind the initiative.

The reuse of products must not always be as complicated as rocket science. Every contribution counts to make the circular economy take flight.

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KN InteriorChain – first end-to-end logistics solution covering the entire lifecycle of aircraft interiors [Forwarder]

End-to-end solution for manufacturers, maintenance & repair organisations, airlines and leasing companies
Maximum safety through certified processes and systems
First modular solution for aircraft interiors up to sustainable disposal
Hamburg / DE, April 10, 2018 – Passenger comfort means passenger loyalty. The cabin interior is the essential passenger facing element of the airline. Demanding passenger requirement and continuous technology innovations lead to more frequent interior refurbishment.

Securing the on-dock dates of aircraft manufacturers as well as keeping the planned downtime for interior refurbishments to a minimum is of vital importance for manufacturers, maintenance & repair organisations, airlines and leasing companies. With KN InteriorChain, Kuehne + Nagel has launched an integrated logistics solution actively addressing the challenges of the interior aerospace supply chain – both of production logistics and aftermarket interior refurbishments. The first of its kind solution was announced today at the Aircraft Interior Exhibition in Hamburg, Germany, in response to the growing need for frequent interior refurbishments in the aerospace industry.

“KN InteriorChain is the outcome of Kuehne + Nagel’s close collaboration with customers and our indepth aerospace expertise”, says Yngve Ruud, Member of the Management Board of Kuehne + Nagel International AG, responsible for airfreight. “This new solution allows us to provide our aerospace customers with a truly holistic approach to their logistic needs while complying with the stringent industry requirements. KN InteriorChain is another clear proof of Kuehne + Nagel’s ability to deliver customer-focused, solutions-oriented services based on logistics and data management knowhow.”

Jakob Straub, Head of Aircraft Services & Line Maintenance at SR Technics: ’’Kuehne + Nagel and SR Technics have been cooperating for many years. When SR Technics was awarded a major aircraft refurbishment project for a series of aircraft, there were new challenging dynamics to secure the downtime of the aircraft. A one day delay would have significant impact on the airline operations and passenger loyalty. Kuehne + Nagel understood the challenges. We therefore will use KN InteriorChain as a safeguard of aircraft refurbishments projects.”

The modular solution KN InteriorChain includes supplier order management, multimodal transportation and warehousing as well as value-added services such as kitting, packaging, rework and disposal. To ensure cabin material, which is crucial for passenger comfort, is both handled appropriately and in line with the respective requirements, Kuehne + Nagel`s processes are certified against the EN/AS 9100:2016 standard. All rework activities are carried out by certified EASA part-145 mechanics while most disposal activities are supported by an AFRA certified partner. Monitoring and management of material flows across all means of transportation and warehousing is guaranteed through an integrated online ordering, cargo management and material management system.

The solution is based on Kuehne + Nagel’s global aerospace network, its state-of-the-art IT infrastructure ensuring connectivity and visibility, competence centers with 24/7 support and its AOG Desk structure.

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Kuehne + Nagel further strengthens its European overland pharma network [Forwarder]

Extension of the European overland pharma cross dock platform in Luxembourg for more frequent departures and faster transit times
Complete coverage to all European destinations
Enhanced real time monitoring solutions for temperature sensitive pharma shipments

Logistics solutions for the pharma and healthcare industry are among the most important growth drivers for Kuehne + Nagel’s European overland business. With the extension of the European overland cross dock platform in Contern and the integration of telematics data of key providers Kuehne + Nagel strengthens its position in the European market for pharma solutions.

Uwe Hött, Senior Vice President Overland Europe at Kuehne + Nagel, said: “Industry specific services for customers from the pharma & healthcare industry mark a key factor of Kuehne + Nagel’s success story in overland business. The investment into our Luxembourg pharma platform and the integration of telematics data of qualified key transport partners contribute significantly towards our overall strategy for the pharma industry with a special focus on temperature controlled transportation for both FTL and LTL. The extension of the Contern facility will enhance providing industry leading services with increased capacity for our customers.“

The plattform in Contern is part of Kuehne + Nagel’s KN PharmaChain. KN PharmaChain is a multi-modal logistics solution for temperature-controlled door-to-door transportation which allows accurate traceability of the deliveries and intensive, proactive risk management.

The facility offers a complete coverage to all European destinations with competitive lead times and an industry leading GDP certified infrastructure. The new platform increases the capacity for loading and unloading pharmaceutical products under temperature controlled warehousing conditions and in a completely closed environment. The GDP certified cross dock is divided into a zone of 2°-8°C and one of 15-25°C with 4.000 square metres dedicated for the pharma sector.

Furthermore the platform has several features that guarantee the best environment for the handling of pharmaceutical products like cool rooms and flooring enhancing the quality of pharma handling,
cooling and heating systems independent of electricity running on redundant cooling machines,
24/7/365 warehouse temperature monitoring linked to an external surveillance center,
computer validated temperature monitoring and warning systems,
own dedicated secured and guarded truck parking area nearby the warehouse
fully CCTV and access controlled area.

With an increasing number of state of the art bi-thermo temperature controlled trailers, either own assets or operated by qualified partners, Kuehne + Nagel aims at seamless services for temperature controlled FTL and LTL shipments across Europe. The integration of telematics data of key transport partners into Kuehne + Nagel`s platform KN Login marks another step towards full visibility to pharma customers.

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