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UN Mobilizing Sustainable Transport for Development High-level Advisory Group on Sustainable Transport, 2016 [Environment]

In 2014, United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon appointed an independent High-Level Advisory Group on Sustainable Transport to provide a focused set of recommendations on how the transport sector can advance sustainable development with poverty eradication at its core, promote economic growth, and bolster the fight against climate change. The outcome of this effort is Mobilizing Sustainable Transport for Development, the first ever Global Sustainable Transport Outlook Report, addressing all modes of transport, in developing and developed countries.

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DB Schenker updates full multi-modal carbon footprint control [Environment]

DB Schenker Logistics has further updated its systems to enable a full multi-modal carbon footprint based on single door-to-door shipments in compliance with the EN 16258. There is a special emphasis on the evaluation of the exactitude of individual parameters (according to categories set out in the standard).

Especially air transports are analyzed now flight-number based regarding operating aircrafts and routing. The fuel consumption of the aircrafts is based on the Eurocontrol Small Emitters’ Tool. This tool is the fuel consumption and carbon dioxide estimation tool which the European Commission has approved via the Commission Regulation (EU) No. 606/2010. It meets the requirements of the guidelines established by Decision 2007/589/EC in respect of the approach based on individual flights and aircraft type used (as per ICAO doc 8643), actual route length and statistically sound fuel consumption relations. In line with this, on behalf of DB Schenker, Swiss-based research institute INFRAS modelled 200 types of aircrafts based on the actual fuel consumption of the most popular 71 aircrafts, using the best data available.

“As long as there are no consistent data from the airlines based on original fuel consumption and compliant with the EN 16258’s provided methodology, these are currently the globally best available data,” says DB Schenker’s carbon accounting expert Andrea Dorothea Schoen. “We recommend to all air data dependent stakeholders to use such database, also available now in EcotransIT World business solutions.”
DB Schenker Logistics does not only provide a carbon footprint to transport beneficiaries as per the French law but, beyond, for all kinds of transports globally.

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Deutsche Post DHL initiates own climate protection project [Environment]

Deutsche Post DHL is initiating its own climate protection project. With the introduction of firewood stoves, stainless steel stoves which use less energy and stay warm for longer, in Lesotho, Deutsche Post DHL now wants to finance and co-ordinate its own long-term, wide-ranging climate protection project with the highest internationally recognised standards for the first time.

In order to give its customers the opportunity to offset the emissions from their shipments using its carbon dioxide (CO2) neutral GOGREEN transport service, Deutsche Post DHL has until now acquired carbon credits exclusively from existing climate protection projects. In 2009 alone, around 38,500 tonnes of CO2 were offset in this way. The stoves are expected to generate around 20,000 carbon credits a year. The credits should be available to Deutsche Post and DHL customers from 2012.

Minimum amount of firewood
"The stoves will reduce CO2 emissions, whilst also contributing to improving people's living conditions", explains Rainer Wend, head of Corporate Public Policy and Responsibility at Deutsche Post DHL.

The first 1,300 stoves are expected in Lesotho in December 2010 and by 2012 a total of around 10,000 stoves will be supplied, which should replace the traditional way of cooking on open fires. The so-called Save 80 stove was developed specifically for this region's conditions: it requires only a minimum amount of firewood and reduces CO2 emissions by 80% compared with conventional cooking methods. As a result of the reduced firewood consumption, deforestation and soil erosion in Lesotho will also be reduced.

Successfully implemented
In addition to the project in Lesotho, Deutsche Post will continue to acquire carbon credits from external projects, in order to 100% offset its customers' CO2 emissions. Today, the Group purchases credits from various climate protection projects which have CDM Gold Standard, a seal of approval from environmental organisations, companies and governments, which takes account of ecological and social criteria.

The CO2 offsetting process is in line with the United Nations' Kyoto Protocol. To successfully implement the climate protection project in Lesotho, Deutsche Post DHL is working with atmosfair GmbH, one of the world's leading offsetting agencies, which successfully registered the first stove project with the United Nations in 2009.

"Every day another part of Lesotho's natural bush disappears because its people have no other fuel for cooking. The new stoves use 80% less wood; we can therefore initiate a turning point, both for the families and for the benefit of the environment", says Barbara Wagner, atmosfair's project manager.

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