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Prologis Signs 926,000 Square Feet in China Developments [Real Estate]

Prologis, Inc. (NYSE: PLD), the global leader in logistics infrastructure, today announced it has signed five new development leases totaling 926,000 square feet (86,000 square meters) in three of its target markets in China: Suzhou, Chongqing and Shenyang.

"This leasing underscores the merits of our focused investment strategy of building, owning and managing the highest-quality distribution facilities in premier locations in supply-constrained markets," said Gary Anderson, CEO, Prologis Europe and Asia. "Demand in our target markets remains broad-based, spanning the e-commerce and consumer goods sectors. Our well-located, Class-A properties meet this demand by putting our customers closer to the end consumer."

Prologis owns and manages approximately 51 million square feet (4.7 million square meters) of logistics and distribution space in Asia as of June 30, 2015.

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Prologis Research: The Evolution of Logistics Real Estate Clusters [Real Estate]

Prologis, Inc. released a research paper titled "The Evolution of Logistics Real Estate Clusters."

According to a recent study by Prologis Research, evolving trade patterns, along with advances in technology and the expansion of e-commerce, reinforce the value proposition of core market locations. To better understand the evolution of the agglomeration of distribution centers, the research team developed two proprietary indices—the Modern Logistics Concentration (MLC) and the Modern Logistics Quotient (MLQ)—that measure the size, relative maturity, demand drivers and growth potential of logistics clusters around the world.

"Compiling a globally consistent dataset for logistics real estate and its associated demographics was a considerable undertaking," said Chris Caton, senior vice president, Prologis Research. "This work quantifies the disparity between existing real estate and new demand, which is driven by the modernization of global supply chains. It also explains the ongoing growth in developed economies and identifies the outsized demand that has surfaced in emerging markets despite economic crosscurrents."

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GLP Announces New Leases Totaling 81,000 sqm (872,000 sq ft) in China [Real Estate]

GLP, the leading global provider of modern logistics facilities, has signed new lease agreements totaling 81,000 square meters (“sqm”) (872,000 square feet (“sq ft”)) with five leading companies in the retail, e-commerce and third-party logistics (“3PL”) industries.

All of the customers are using the facilities for domestic distribution amid fast growing sales of consumer goods. With these leases, GLP strengthens relationships with existing customers including Best Logistics and establishes relationships with new customers including Jumei.

Kent Yang, President of GLP China, said: “We are excited to establish and further extend our relationships with these customers. As sales of consumer goods continues to rise in China, e-commerce and 3PL companies are driving demand for GLP’s modern logistics facilities in premium locations.We look forward to supporting our customers as they continue to expand in China.”

GLP is a leading global provider of modern logistics facilities. As of 31 March 2015, GLP’s US$28 billion property portfolio encompasses 41 million square meters (441 million square feet) of logistics facilities across China, Japan, Brazil and the United States.

GLP remains focused on being the best operator in each of its markets, creating value through developments and expanding its fund management platform. GLP’s customers include some of the world’s most dynamic manufacturers, retailers and third party logistics companies. Domestic consumption is a key driver of demand for GLP.

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